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Roar Media is a brand discovery and business growth consultancy.

We help you build strategies that project your business image effectively and grow.

We aim to save you money through killing redundant marketing expenditure.

Roar Media brings to clients a wealth of experience from the global advertising, strategy and marketing arena.

Our work has helped grow both Australian and International brands, in areas as diverse as IT, Hospitality, Education, Property and Banking.


Pop the question

Any strategy for brand growth and marketing success has to a large extent, be based on some form of research. 

There's always room for “gut feel” in business, but acting on this alone is not usually a good idea.

We will conduct both qualitative and quantitative research, in a number of ways, from internal brand workshop sessions, to simple quantitative surveys, designed to test brand awareness and 'How they heard about you'. 

Such analysis is an ongoing activity, enabling your business to be more competitive on a day-to-day basis.

Using research, your brand can be constantly fine-tuned, so that the marketing of your business, appeals to the broadest cross-section of your target market.